VicPro Mall e-shop

VicPro Mall is your first choice to explore retail e-commerce platform in China
Cost lesser in time and capital for domestic market exploration
No shelf fee!
✅No worries about
     cross-border logistics
✅No worries about backend operation 
High customer volume
Over 1.15 billion WeChat users!
✅Over 45 WeChat messages daily!
【 VicPro Mall 】- A one-stop WeChat marketing service

Low barriers to entry

Shelf fee

❎High commission

❎Handling fee

Explore domestic market easily

No need to register a Chinese company, it allows merchants to enter the domestic market easily.

Safe and reliable payment method

【 VicPro Mall 】enabled WeChat Pay, it saves time for merchants to apply payment.

Cross-border tariffs 

VicPro will help to arrange tariff payment for merchants.

Professional cross-border
logistics team

Merchants only need to centralize the goods to VicPro's warehouse, and the shipment will be arranged by VicPro's logistics partners, which saves merchants’ 
time and transportation costs.

Simple cooperation process

Merchants only need to provide product authorization certificates, product information, including photos, product details or other promotion offers. VicPro will assist the merchants in listing the products.

Big data analysis

【 VicPro Mall 】will accumulate customer data which enables merchants to make analysis and provide more personalized services and accurate advertising.

Massive promotion activities

VicPro actively launch promotional activities and places precise advertisements, which helps to increase the exposure of merchants and boost the sales volume.

Affiliate Policy

Choose the right product type

【 VicPro Mall 】offers a variety of product types for merchants to choose, and there is no upper limit on the number of products listing.

Choose the right plan

【VicPro Mall】 provides a variety of advertising annual fee plans and cooperation models, merchants can choose the most suitable service plan according to the requirement of the business.

Register【VicPro Mall】to become an official merchant

- Merchants are required to upload a valid Hong Kong business registration certificate, valid brand certification documents, and relevant certification documents that the brand is authorized to sell online and in Mainland China.
- When the approval is completed, we will follow up with you by email, which will take about 3-5 working 


Sales and logistics arrangements

Merchants will deposit the products in VicPro's warehouse in advance. When receiving the customer's order, our logistic partner will arrange the delivery.

Transportation costs

Cross-border transportation costs will be borne by the merchants.

Payment periods

VicPro will provide monthly settlement and a clear and easy-to-understand sales reports to the merchants, which enables merchants to analyze business development.

WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay will charge a 1.5-1.6% handling fee, which shall be borne by the merchant.

【VicPro Mall】sales

Our VicPro Mall affiliates will enjoy free commission in the first 2 months, then VicPro will draw 20% commission on the amount of completed transactions.

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